iLabel It Skincare uniquely allows any business access to exceptional quality, skin healthy, CBD Entourage private label skincare products without the usual start-up barrier of quantity minimums. We offer ultra-fresh, vegan formulations utilizing small-batch manufacturing so your clients will benefit from oils and actives that are “fresh” and clinically efficacious. Our formulations are unique. By combining natural botanicals of the highest quality, further enhancing the formulations with actives,* and finally enhancing transdermal bioavailability through delivery systems such as; liposomes, lipid bonding and Nano Particularization Technology, we strive to create and deliver the “Entourage Effect” in every product we offer. * ingredients added specifically to produce the desired result, i.e. reduce redness or inflammation

Product &
Services Enhancements

NEW! Customizable, Luxury, Boutique-Quality Packaging & Coordinating Boxes
CBD Sourced from “Worlds Most Loved CBD” Brand. Full-Flower, Zero-THC
CBD Dosage of Skincare Products Increased by up to 500%
10000mg Therapeutic Products
Referral to Credit Card Merchant Processing Bank Specializing in CBD Vendors
Custom Bottle Filling Upon Request
“DROP SHIP” Service Available
Professional Graphic Designs for Logos, Labels & Branding
QUICK & AFFORDABLE Label Template Options
COMMERCE-READY, Boutique Quality, Branded Product Line! Includes; World-Class CBD Products, Luxury Branding with Coordinating Packaging/Boxes, Marketing & Web-Ready Photography, Cut & Paste Pre-Written Web-Store Content and Drop Shipping!


Your Name On Your Own Products!

Instead Of Skin Care Product Lines.​

The Mission

ENTOURAGE “entourage effect” results when hundreds of natural components within a plant interact together and with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of those components used alone.
i Label It Skincare uniquely allows any business access to world class CBD Entourage private label skincare products without the usual start-up barrier of quantity minimums. We espouse small batch manufacturing so our clients will benefit from oils and actives that are “fresh” and clinically efficacious. ILI Skincare combines natural botanicals of the highest quality, with potent and professionally researched actives* (*ingredients added specifically to produce a desired result i.e. reduce redness or inflammation). We then utilize a proprietary method to create a highly bioavailable “Entourage Effect” in every product we offer. Fostering a mission to provide a full-line of problem-solving, vegan products from science backed, cutting edge, CBD Entourage hydration therapies to Anti-Aging CBD Stem Cell Serums, I Label It Skincare continually innovates to be on top of the latest science-based, skin health trends.

Where Do I Start?


REVIEW CATALOG then ORDER PRODUCT SAMPLES. Your business account will be automatically opened at check-out.


CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGING and CREATE YOUR LABELES through On-Line Labels. We will provide you with “cut and paste” document with directions & ingredient deck. Need a Logo? Contact our design team.


ORDER PRODUCT! Convenient, Economical and Easy to Use Squeeze Bottle or Gallon. Fill, Label and Put Your Products on the shelf!

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"I was first introduced to iLabel it concept and products in spring 2013. After meeting and consulting with ILI founder Melinda, the decision to bring ILI in as my own product line was a "no-brainer.”"
"ORGANIC, small batched, continual improvement and conscientious design with the end user in mind, it has been the BEST CHOICE for my clients and business in decades!"
"A larger company cannot keep up with the ever new research on skincare; where as ILI can turn on a dime and instantly introduce the latest and greatest ingredient deck!"

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