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Hi there, thinking about starting your own skincare brand? Wondering where to even start? Does it all seem a little overwhelming? YES, I know, I was there, BUT it is so worth your time and energy to have a product that represents who YOU are and what your brand represents.  I have done it all from beginning to end and I am still running my business. I can help you work out all those questions….since I already did that for you! Call for consult to help you build your brand! Call: 406-868-8445, or email me at, check out my website:, or my Facebook page @elementsofskinmt

FDA Labeling Guidelines

Type Size

Ingredients: 1/16″, 1/32″ (Labeling surface, less than 12 sq. in.)

Net Contents:

  • 1/16″ (PDP less than 5 sq. in.)

  • 1/8″ (PDP 5-25 sq. in.)

  • 3/16″ (PDP 25-100 sq. in.)

    Warning: 1/16″

    All Others: Reasonably related to panel size

    21 CFR 701.2(a) (b), 701.3(b),
    701.11(c), 701.13(i), 740.2(b)

Ingredient Declaration: Generally, in letters not less than 1/16″ in height [21 CFR 701.3(b)]. If surface area available to bear label (excludes surfaces with decorative relief, sculptured surfaces) is less than 12 square inches, letter height may be not less than 1/32″ [21 CFR 701.3(p)].

Net Contents Declaration on PDP: Minimum letter height determined by the area of the PDP. In the case of “boudoir-type” containers, including decorative cosmetic containers of the cartridge, pill box, compact or pencil type, and cosmetics of 1/4 oz. or less capacity, the type size is determined by the total dimensions of the container. If the container is mounted on a display card, the display panel determines the letter height [21 CFR 701.13(e) and (i)].

Warning Statements: Type size no less than 1/16″ unless smaller size established by regulation [21 CFR 740.2].

Letter Height: The lower case letter “o” or equivalent when upper and lower case letters are used [21 CFR 701.13(h)].

Label Templates

Interested in creating, designing, and printing your own labels?

Need templates for labels for your graphic designer?

See the attached self-labeling document:

Label Size 4″ x 2″

Label Size 1″ x5″

Label Size 3.0625″ x 1.8375″

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